Brass Electronics Box
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Working with brass alloys is challenging, especially when it comes to tapping small holes like the 0-80 size prominent in this electronics chassis. Our techniques and tool selection ensure the perfect depth and form of these features.
This piece will be finished with nickel plating, requiring special attention to tolerance to ensure proper clearances in the final assembly after build-up of the plating.
Graphite Shoulder Implant Prototype
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Few materials create as much tool wear as tungsten-impregnated graphite. Special tooling and attention is required on every part to guarantee surface finishes remain fluid and tolerance is maintained.
Our CNC programmers understand and implement the most optimal toolpaths to create beautiful 3D contours and uphold the engineered functionality.
Acetal Chassis
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Plastics can exhibit erratic deformations during machining, especially when dealing with large scale pieces.
Our techniques in relaxing material and properly sequencing operations ensure that tolerance and functionality are maintained in the finished part.
Mini Screws
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Small parts can be a big deal. When it comes to accurately machining tight tolerances and achieving superb finishes at a small scale, few can complete with Brandt Precision.
Our staff is revered for their meticulous attention to detail and vast experience with methods befitting delicate parts.