If you can dream it, we can probably make it a reality!
Our services include 2D CAD drafting and 3D modeling. We can work with you to develop a concept from the ground up, or accept your design in many common 2D and 3D file formats. We offer on-site consultation when it's necessary, to ensure the fit and function of the end product.
String plate for Custom 8-String Guitar We specialize in developing prototypes, including follow-up diagnostic and refinement, for a variety of industries. Those industries include semi-conductor, medical, aircraft, and industrial art and entertainment.
Small and Single-Unit Runs
.008" Thick Resonator Cones We provide top notch quality and fast turn-around service on small quantity runs. Our experienced machinists allow us to keep our pricing down and our quality up. We are very competitive with our small-run prices!
Welding and Grinding
Whether it's a simple repair or light fabrication, here at Brandt Precision Machining our welding capabilities can get the job done. Offering both metal inert gas welding(MIG) and tungsten inert gas welding(TIG), we offer skilled welding in a range of materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and even some exotic alloys.
In the grinding department, our precision surface grinders are operated with an expert level of experience. When you need perfect flatness or extreme tolerances, we're ready.
Custom Tooling
Sometimes there simply isn't a mass-produced tool available that matches up to the unique contours of your design. 3D surface machining could work, but that can be time-consuming and costly when dealing with larger quantities.
That's where Brandt Precision's custom toolmaking comes in. Our master toolmaker excels at innovative techniques to achieve the cutting shape your part requires.
State of the Art Equipment
The latest addition to the BPM arsenal of machine tools is this new Haas VM2. The VM2 is an improved version of the Haas VF2SS. The VM2 sports a higher RPM spindle and the ability to hold tighter tolerances than the standard VF series of mills due to a finer pitch ball screw. The machine was purchased new from Champions sales.
Our goal of utilizing this VM2 for high speed machining required we do some additional work to the spindle to make it run absolutely true and concentric. This is extremely important and very necessary for vibration-free milling, efficient tool wear and finest finishes. We brought in a specialist to regrind the spindle taper to absolute perfection. Now the universe is as balanced as the tool holders we put in it.
Production Runs
Our capabilities do include the ability to run larger volumes. We have both staff and equipment to handle large orders.
Haas VM2
30"L 20"W 20"H
Haas Super Mini Mill 2
20"L 16"W 14"H
Mazak Nexus 410B-II
30"L 16"W 20"H
Mazak VTC-200B
44"L 20"W 20"H
Mazak V-414
22"L 16"W 18"H
Mazak Quick Turn Smart 100S
11"D 22.8"swing 12.2L
Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250
15.7"D 23.6"swing 20"L
Mazak Quick Turn 8N II
6.3"D 11"swing 12"L
Exotic Materials
Our work in many different industries has provided experience with many exotic and specialty materials. These materials include:
  • Titanium
  • Invar
  • Hastelloy
  • Inconel
  • Vespel
  • Radel
  • Torlon
  • Rexolite
  • Celazole PBI
  • Techtron
  • Ultem
  • Phenolic
  • Carbon
  • Bovine Bone
  • Graphite
  • Tungsten-Impregnated Graphite
  • Boron Nitride
  • Ceramics
  • Nickel 200
  • Glass-filled Teflon
  • PEEK and Glass-Filled PEEK
  • Monel
  • Bronze
  • Heavy Metal
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Tungsten
Secondary Processes
Manufacturing isn't just about cutting metal. At Brandt Precision, we boast a wealth of experience coordinating additional services such as paint, powder coating, electro-polishing, or any secondary process specified.
This even includes special cleaning and packaging approved for clean room use.